Long Term Effects of Toenail Fungus

Types of fungus, also called dermatophytes, is normally the cause of toenail fungus.  Some of the symptoms of toenail fungus can include, but limited to yellow and brittle nails, distorted toenails shape or lack of shine on the nail.  Toenail Fungus can lead to many complications if left untreated.
Separation of the Nail
Toenails also may separate from the nail bed if they are left untreated long enough.
Toenail fungus may lead to infections in other parts of the body if you have a weakened or suppressed immune system.
Permanent Damage
Toenails may become permanently damaged if left untreated.
Diabetic Problems
If you are diabetic, a toenail infection may lead to a more severe complication as the nerves and blood supply to the feet are already strained by diabetes.